Multi-solvent Series Dry Cleaning Machine



Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility to use any Class III Hydrocarbon solvent, Silicon based solvent or Solvon K4 solvent
  • High output drying system greatly reduces drying times for alternative solvents
  • Drying chamber with automatic self-cleaning lint screen prior to drying cycle
  • Easy access for maintenance of condenser and evaporation coils with self-sealing quick couplings
  • Two stages fractional vacuum distillation system with three levels separator
  • Automatic water drainage from separator during distillation process
  • Smart-Touch Microprocessor Controller provides maximum programming flexibility
  • Multi-Flow Filtration System allows different filter set ups on request
  • Three automatic self-cleaning tanks
  • Variable speed frequency inverter drive
  • Standard one spin filter and one carbon cartridge filter
  • Oversized button trap requires minimum maintenance
  • Soap injection pump for automatic dosing
  • Automatic still overfill and anti-foam protection
  • Adjustable electronic drying controller
  • Nitrogen safety injection system
  • Safety door interlock system for loading door, button trap, lint filter and still.
  • Safety base trough for maximum floor protection
  • High grade stainless steel construction for main parts, i.e. outer drum, inner drum, air duct, solvent piping, filters, still, separator, etc…
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