BW Series Barrier Washer



Features and Benefits

  • Barrier wall two doors design separate soiled and clean side for anti-contamination environment
  • Available in CLEANROOM specification and HEALTHCARE specification
  • Parts in contact with water made of SS304 or SS316L stainless steel
  • Automatic inner drum positioning stops the drum at ergonomic loading and unloading position
  • Electro-polished drum gives maximum protection to wash items
  • Frequency inverter drive allows variable speed setting
  • Air bags suspension system ensure quiet and smooth extraction*Except 15kg
  • User friendly touch screen computer in English
  • Patented security key design insure inner door of drum is always locked before machine operation
  • Standard cold and hot water inlet valves and one drain valve
  • Direct steam injection heating
  • Automatic soapbox compartments*Except 15kg
  • Sight glass to view the inner drum
  • Safety door interlock system
  • Out of balance switch for machine protection
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