FC Series Chest Heated Flatwork Ironer



Features and Benefits

  • One-piece roll and chest design apply good balance of pressure against ironing sheets
  • Standard steam heating chest with special chamber design for quick steam flow inside ensure balance heating surface at any point on the chest
  • Individual powerful exhaust fan on each roll for effective moisture removal
  • Utilized well-known spring from Belgium and high density felt from UK require fewer replacement thus reducing maintenance time and cost
  • Individual branded steam trap for each chest maximize steam usage saving energy cost
  • Adjustable pneumatic control system of chest operation allows best possible finishing
  • Variable speed frequency inverter drive to match different kind of linen
  • Easy access emergency stop buttons ensure safety of operators
  • Easy connectivity to flatwork folder for automatic folding after ironing
  • User friendly touch screen computer controller
  • Retractable front board for easy process of small pieces
  • Maintenance access on top of machine with safety guard for protection
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