High Speed Double Side Heater Flatwork System



Features and Benefits

  • 3 stations automatic spreading and feeding
  • Servo motor system ensure high speed and accuracy
  • Vacuum stretching and rotating blush for smooth feeding
  • 2 sets of clamping mechanism for each station enable continuous operation
  • Retractable stations for direct feeding small piece
  • Touch screen computer with large output monitoring board
  • Simultaneous speed control with ironer and folder
  • Double sided design for direct ironing both side of flatwork perfect for double layer flatwork especially duvet cover
  • 12mm thick carbon steel rolls with stainless steel cladding for better heat transfer
  • Steam heating rolls design for high pressure steam up to 1.2mpa
  • Large contact area of 300o between roll and ironing flatwork minimize heat loss
  • Standard 2 lateral fold and 3 cross fold
  • 1, 2 or 4 lanes simultaneous folding
  • Blade and air blow system available for lateral fold accommodate different kind of flatwork
  • Anti-static mechanism reduces static on flatwork
  • Standard with drop stacker
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