WE Series Industrial Washer Extractor



Features and Benefits

  • Patented soft-mount suspension system with adjustable springs minimize vibration at high speed extract require no special foundation
  • Heavy duty structural design with bearing dry zone for larger capacity*1 machine and one-piece bearing housing design for smaller capacity machine*2
  • Multi-layer shaft seal design with imported high quality Viton seals last for years under normal condition
  • Single motor frequency inverter drive allows variable speed setting for wash and extract
  • Easy access driving belts allow easy replacement due to normal wear and tear
  • Stainless steel basket with sunken perforation and reduced gap between door give maximum protection to linen avoid damage
  • Automatic 5 cups plastic soap box for better chemical resistance with reliable metal valves
  • Large loading door with large opening angle make the loading/unloading easier
  • User friendly programmable computer controller with USB connectivity for easy parameter and wash program transfer
  • Out of balance switch give protection to machine in case load is not balance
  • Standard cold and hot water dual inlets plus steam inlet
  • Sealed electrical cabinet with cooling system protect electrical parts and inverter from moisture and lint while keeping inside temperature under control
  • Stainless steel panels prevent corrosive in harsh laundry environment
  • Manual lubrication grease pump for bearings and seals make periodic maintenance simple
  • Reserved second drain connectivity for easy future upgrade at site when needed
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