SFR Series Return Feed Flatwork Ironer



Features and Benefits

  • Single 800mm diameter ironing roll made of SS304 stainless steel with designed large linen contact surface
  • Available in 2500mm, 2800mm, 3000mm and 3300mm suits various application
  • Compact return feed design (feed and collection at same side) allows installation against the wall and require less operators
  • Feeding and discharge at ergonomic height for most operators
  • Variable speed frequency inverter to match different kind of linens
  • Automatic tensioning system to keep the belts always in optimum condition for best finishing quality after long operation
  • Safety guard panel at the feeding entry to stop the machine when activated
  • Easy access emergency stop button in case of emergency situation
  • Safety steam pressure relief valve avoid accident due to steam over-pressure
  • Effective steam trap fully utilize the steam energy thus reduce energy cost
  • Discharge area with collection board
  • Heavy duty side panel structure ensure durability in harsh environment
  • Simplified chain drive mechanism for less maintenance
  • Oil lubrication system for easy maintenance of main bearings
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